If all little flowers wanted to be roses…

No doubt Rio 2016 has been the event of the year. There have been many comments and critics against the host country, the Olympic Committees, the judges and the athletes. It´s very interesting to see how Rio has prompted the ‘expert’ side of many amateurs that cynically give their opinion in regards of sports techniques,... Continue Reading →


An Open Letter From an Ex-Porn Star

Foto source: The Porn Effect This time we want to share with you an open letter written by a former porn star. Her testimony  will definitely make you think twice next time you want to watch pornography and hopefully it will unveil many myths and prejudices about the porn industry and the girls that work... Continue Reading →

The Drop Box

Foto: @TheDropBoxFilm In a world where many times  people are considered to be disposable commodities, The Drop Box Film will  touch many hearts. This is the story of Lee Jong-rak and his dop box. The purpose of the drop box is to save the lives of babies that otherwise would be  thrown to the garbage. The message of this story... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence: Redefining Marriage Hurts Women Like Me – and Our Children

Stories like the one we are going to share this time are not commonly heard these days. Perhaps, it is because stories like Janna Darnelle's  are not of the interest of media or the political agenda. Therefore,  it's better to keep them hidden and in silence. Rather, we hear everywhere all sort of pink stories about... Continue Reading →

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