Do you pray for your future spouse?

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This article is mainly dedicated to our female readers. However, the recommendation of this article may be helpful for those guys who really want to find the girl of their dreams. We hope it will be helpful and that you find whatsoever your heart is truly yearning.

Long time ago we heard one of the most strange advice to find one’s soulmate: to make a list with all the things that are important to you in a future spouse. You can find that type of advice very often in every girl’s magazine. It is widely believed that by making a decree, saying a mantra and having positive thoughts you can find your soul mate. On the other hand, it is also very common to find ladies that pray novenas, for instance a novena to St. Anthony (with the figurine placed upside down), or to St. Jude in order to find a good husband. However, it is important to highlight that every story of true love does not start with a decree, a mantra, a positive thought, not even with a novena. In other words, love does not come to you like magic. If you decide to follow the aforementioned advice, most likely you will end up frustrated and disappointed because it is impossible to find somebody to fulfills every whim of your list. Another situation that you can face if you decide to follow such advice is that every time you find a nice guy you will be tempted to believe that he is the one, basically you will be trying to fit him to your list.

Love is cultivated and start to bloom long before you find your soulmate. Each love story starts with prayer. The process of writing a list with all the things that are important to you in a future spouse is such pedagogical and of course it works. But let us explain how it works. It is not the list itself the one that makes things possible, the list itself will not attract your prince charming or the girl of your dreams. It is the process of interiorizing and deciphering what our hearts really desire what transforms our lives and step by step leads us through the right path to find our soulmate. It is quite a complicate process that requires time and commitment on our side. The main purpose of creating a list is to write down on paper every single desire of our hearts. To complete this task successfully it is very important to be silent. Through prayer we can listen what our hearts have to tell us. When one keep silent and through prayer one converse with God and ask Him to purify our hearts to wish what is good and beautiful one can experience a deep transformation. If we take this task seriously and decide to make the list of our hearts’ desires (before the Tabernacle, or in our rooms after a moment of silence and prayer) we will realize that many of the ‘must have’ of our lists will become secondary items and slowly our hearts will reveal what they really need in order to be happy. We will end up with a list that summarize few non-negotiable things in a future spouse. In addition, we will recognize that for every desire that is written down we  need to make a commitment to become ourselves whatever we expect from our future spouse. Thus, eventually we become better persons, and this conversion prepares us to offer the best from ourselves to the right person. To write everything down on a list, pray a mantra/novena and expect that our significant one will arrive in haste is unrealistic and selfish. We cannot demand that other people be what we are not willing to be.

Once we have written down what our hearts really desire and we take seriously the path of conversion, of course we will need a little bit of help. So it is wise to pray and ask God to protect our soulmate and help us to find him/her soon. We cannot promise that if you follow this advice you will find your soulmate right away. We cannot promise that you will find him/her some day either. However, we can promise you that if you give yourself the chance to follow our advice you will find joy and your happiness will not depend on finding a soulmate. You will experience true joy and happiness by knowing that you are becoming a better person, the happiness that you will radiate definitely will attract other people and most likely your soulmate, if it exists, will notice that. Some people, after making their lists, discover that they are called to celibacy and they find that through priesthood, religious life or singlehood they can find true love and happiness.

Of course faith plays a very important role, if we are called to marriage and if we have faith we can hope that some day we will find our soulmate. For those who are doubting about the power of faith, prayer  and  a list, we want to share with you a very beautiful story of true love. The love story of Miranda Emde and Jonathan Binaghi started with a list and prayer. This story was originally posted in the National Catholic Register. We also included the novena to Saint Anne for those who are already in their paths of conversion and praying for their soulmates.

       “ HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — She was 29 years old with a dream to see Italy before she turned 30.

So Miranda Emde convinced her mother, Martha, to go with her, and off they went. In October 2013, they toured Rome, Milan, Venice and Assisi for three weeks. But Miranda fell in love with Rome. She went to Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica every day while she was there — and she didn’t want to leave.

The day before they were to return home to California, Miranda had an idea. “I’m single still. What if I could live here [in Rome] for six months and do something for the Vatican?”

She and her mom asked around, but ended up wasting a few hours without finding out how to get a job at the Holy See. At that point, Miranda wanted to give up. “I said, ‘Let’s just go back to the hotel.’ My mom said, ‘No we are getting the information before we leave. We are going to walk by St. Anne’s Gate. Talk to the Swiss Guard who is there.”

When “she feels strongly about something, you just listen to her,” Miranda said of her mom. Father Angelo Sebastian, who aids orphanages in his native India and is a friend of Miranda and her family, describes her as “St. Martha” who prays several Rosaries a day and is a “very faithful and holy woman.”

“So I’m like, ‘Okay.’ As I’m just looking over, I see Jonathan,” Miranda recalled. So she went over to Jonathan Binaghi, a Vatican Swiss Guard, introduced herself, and asked, “I’m visiting Rome and curious about opportunities at the Vatican in marketing and communications.” 

They only talked a few minutes, as he was busy talking with other people as part of his duties. But he was extremely helpful and gave her contact information of several individuals who could help her with her job search. 

“I could tell he wanted to talk more. Towards the end, he said, ‘I get off work at 8. Can you meet for dinner?’ And I turned him down. I said, ‘Sorry, we have to be up so early [for our flight.]’ He wrote down his contact information.”

The helpful Swiss Guard made quite the impression on her. “We felt a spark [and] observing him in those couple minutes, I picked up something different — how he handled people,” she recalled.  “He’s so kind — very kind and dignified. His presence is just not what you see all the time.”

Miranda remembers walking away and joking with her mom, “Oh, I think I just fell in love! What are the chances?”

Seeking God’s Direction

Once back in the United States, she and Jonathan started to email one another. Communication was slow and inconsistent, but theirs were quality conversations. Emails turned into texts and phone calls. The entire time, Miranda kept surrendering to God’s will. She was always asking God for his direction. 

She already had a trip planned to attend Pope John Paul II’s canonization Mass in April 2014. So she and Jonathan planned to spend an extra week together after the celebrations. Jonathan picked up Miranda and her friend from the airport. He arranged private tours for her and their Rome tour group.

That trip solidified their relationship, as Jonathan expressed his serious feelings for Miranda. By the end of the trip, Miranda thought, “I’m pretty sure he is the one.” While they definitely had a great time together, they also made sure to talk about the important things — faith and family life.

“With that trip, I just remember thanking God — ‘I can’t believe [Jonathan] exists.’ I just prayed, ‘Continue to show me if this is the direction you want us to go.’”

Their relationship progressed, and Miranda made several more trips to Rome. After meeting his family in Switzerland — the homeland of all Swiss Guards — they started to discuss weddings plans. They even received a special blessing from Pope Francis after attending a private Mass. The Holy Father told Jonathan, “Have a beautiful family with a lot of children,” according to

The Right Answer

Jonathan came to visit Miranda this past May to ask Miranda’s parents’ permission for her hand in marriage and to look for a job (he left the Swiss Guard, as guards must be single).

“What is the meaning of love?” Chuck Emde asked his daughter’s suitor.

“Give yourself … ask for nothing,” the Swiss Guard replied.

That answer earned him permission to propose.

On May 16, he proposed. Of course, Miranda said, “Yes.”

But Miranda’s love story hasn’t always been a fairy tale. The years before meeting Jonathan were filled with online dating, work and going to different parishes to try to meet nice, single Catholic men. Nothing seemed to work.  

“We all have our plan — we think we know what’s best. I’ve always had to fight against that. I always go back to ‘I tried my plan, and it doesn’t really work out so well,’” she recalled.

That was when trust in God’s plan for her truly grew.

So, in April of 2013, Miranda decided to do two things — write a list of non-negotiables (including strong faith, gentlemanly and family-oriented) that were important to her in a future husband and pray a novena to St. Anne. “I wasn’t a big novena person, to be honest. I didn’t do a lot of them before. But I heard that St. Anne was a patron saint of unmarried women and helps to bring people together.”

St. Anne’s Assistance

She, along with family members and close friends, including Father Sebastian, prayed a novena to St. Anne, with the intention for her and her future husband. She also wrote a prayer along with it that she said personally each day.

Six months after they prayed that novena, Miranda met Jonathan. And he fulfills everything on her list — and more. He has a deep faith, and Father Sebastian, who is also leading their wedding-preparation classes, describes him as “a very compassionate and kind man. He’s very humble.”

Everything about their love story shows God’s hand has been involved — not only did Miranda meet Jonathan after praying a novena to St. Anne, but they also met at St. Anne’s Gate. And, during their courtship, Jonathan was invited to become a member of the Brotherhood of St. Anne’s, the oldest brotherhood in the world for laity, and he has always had a special devotion to St. Anne and our Blessed Mother.

The journey wasn’t always easy, though. Miranda had to constantly trust, surrender and pray. 

“The moments I’ve been tested or discouraged, when I’ve chosen to lay everything down in prayer, he does give a sign,” she said of God’s providence. “But he wants us to get to that point — of always going back to him and trusting him.”

Father Sebastian said that having faith means “to finally say, ‘Yes — I need to surrender myself to what God has for me.’ Miranda had her own moments of impatience, as anyone would have. You know: When is he actually going to do something? But she never gave up that faith, never gave up that hope.”

And that faith is what the priest says is the beautiful part of this story. He described both Miranda and Jonathan as “people of faith who don’t compromise their faith for values of the world. You don’t get to see very many people like that in today’s world. And that’s a blessing.” 

The Big Day

So, when is the big day?

Miranda and Jonathan will marry on Oct. 17 at Rome’s Santa Caterina della Rota, which is overseen by the Brotherhood of St. Anne. Cardinal Raymond Burke will be the celebrant. They will have a private Mass with Pope Francis the next day.

That is better than any fairy tale.”

St Anne Novena

Source: EWTN

O glorious St. Ann, you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer! Heavily burdened with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present intention which I recommend to you in your special care.

Please recommend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and place it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue. Continue to intercede for me until my request is granted. But, above all, obtain for me the grace one day to see my God face to face, and with you and Mary and all the saints to praise and bless Him for all eternity. Amen.

Our Father, . . . Hail Mary . . .

O Jesus, Holy Mary, St. Ann, help me now and at the hour of my death.

Good St. Ann, intercede for me.




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