Woman! the world needs you

by Forever 31

As we celebrate women’s day we just want to share with you a very simple, yet powerful phrase that Edith Stein said more than 50 years ago. For those who do not know who Edith Stein was, well… she was a Jewish philosopher. Edith was one of the first women who really  advocated for women’s rights, she was a sincere advocate, not a crazy feminist who spoke on behalf of few women. Edith was born in Breslau, Germany on October 1891, she was the youngest of 11. In 1911 she enrolled at the University of Breslau to study German and history. However, her real interest was philosophy and women’s issues. She became a member of the Prussian Society for Women’s Franchise. In 1913, she transferred to Gottingen University to study under the mentorship of Edmund Husserl, yes! Edmund Husserl the father of phenomenology. Edith became his pupil and teaching assistant, and he later was her PhD tutor. There are too many other interesting things to say about Edith Stein, including the fact that she later became a Discalced Carmelite nun, was arrested by Gestapo, deported to Auschwit and gassed on August 7, 1942; but that is not the scope of this article. We only want tho highlight what she once said:


How many times women have felt pressured to show to the world what they have?. Sometimes they believe that their value depends on what they have, for instance, a nice hair, pretty eyes, a narrow waist, smooth skin, long legs, a handsome boyfriend, a rich husband, a nice job, a fancy wardrobe, lots of shoes, a bunch of friends, and the list goes on, you name it. However,  those things though are part of women, cannot define their worth. There is more much about a women than what we can see on the surface. A woman is like a jewel box, although it seems to be empty or full of fake jewels, her real treasure is hidden behind a secret compartment. Her real treasure is in her soul and that is what she is, and the world needs that. How many times men are willing to discover what a woman has and not what she is. How many times men have felt disappointed to open a woman’s jewel box and find it empty or full of shinny fake jewels at first sight? The problem here is not that the box is empty or full of cheap things, the real problem is that neither women or men take the time to discover what is inside their souls. Women do not want to offer to the world that valuable jewel,  for a bizarre reason women are afraid to give to the world what they are, and instead they offer what they have.

Our message for you today is simple: Please do not to be afraid to offer to the world what you are. The world needs you, not what you have. Neither a shinny hair, bright eyes, skinny bodies, fancy stilettos, elegant clothing nor a collection of sunglasses has ever changed the world. It is only with their real beauty that women can change the world. Your beauty comes directly from your soul, please take the time to discover it because the world needs it. Your real beauty includes your intelligence, your compassion, your love, your charity, your hope, your service, your patience, your kindness, your tenderness… In few words, the world needs YOU!

Happy Women’s Day!


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