How to become an infallible lover*?: The recipe


Standard recipe for growing real love in any relationship.


Before listing the basic ingredients we need to define the meaning of lover*. Simply a lover is a person who loves. Therefore, any person who desires to truly experience love in his/her life can follow this recipe. Special attention needs to be payed while choosing the ingredients because they are not interchangeable. If you decide to use cheaper ingredients you will not get a positive results. Although the order of the factors does not change the product if you ignore the specifications you will end up getting a ‘pirate love’ . The first bit of this ‘pirate love’ will be sweet but after sometime you will feel sad, used, and lonely. Many individuals have reported a very bitter aftertaste when the instructions are not followed properly.



1 cup LOVE (for best results use self-donative ª variety)

1 cup RESPONSIBILITY (mix 1/2 cup self-discipline with 1/2 cup stewardship)

1 cup FAITH

1 cup RESPECT (combine equal amounts of self-respect and respect for others)

1 cup INTIMACY (combine equal parts of verbal and emotional communication)


1 cup JOY

1 cup PERSONHOOD (combine a sense of being made in the image of God with a heaping tablespoon of -choose one of the following- masculinity or femininity)


Bake slowly over a lifetime.

You might be wondering why CHASTITY is not included in the mix. The reason is that CHASTITY is the mix. Many people mistakenly believe that chastity is the same as repression. But in reality, chastity is the ability to properly mix the aforementioned ingredients (to apply the aforementioned virtues in the sexual sphere). Chastity is the virtue that enables us to be truly free to make a gift of ourselves at the right time, in the right way, with the right person. Chastity is not just for single persons, it is for everyone as everyone needs to know the best time, place and manner by which they can be most loving to the person they love.  Using a chastity belt -literally or metaphorically- is not chastity, it is repression. “Chastity means the successful integration of sexuality within the person and thus the inner unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being (CCC no. 2337).

ºº Adapted from:

Gregory Popcak, 2008.  Holy Sex! A Catholic guide to toe-curling, mind-blowing infallible loving.  Chapter 3 What are infallible lovers made of? The Crossroad Publishing Company, New York. P.p 33 – 35.


ª For more information on self-giving love watch:


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