The consequences of love

Few days ago we received a comment from Free-Assyria in regards of the current situation in Syria and Iraq. Also, they shared with us a very powerful, yet real, documentary that portraits the reality on the other side of the globe. And we want to share it in this blog as more people need to be informed and see with their own eyes what is happening there.

Somehow we, in Western societies, tend to neglect what does not directly affect our wallets, comfort, freedom or interests. However,  we cannot close our eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Thousands of people from Syria and Iraq  have lost everything but faith. Families have been destroyed, girls abducted, men killed, and boys kidnapped and enrolled in the ISIS army. In this time when everything is subjective, relative and it is believed that anything can be true or wrong, Christians and other persecuted minorities, are giving us a very powerful testimony. How many of us, living comfortably and freely, would accept the consequences of saying YES to something that we say we believe?.

We have heard many critiques against faith and the “brain-washing” techniques used by different religions to manipulate their disciples. The panorama shows us a conflict between two groups that may or may not be “brain-washed”. On one side we have ISIS who kills, destroys, threaten, abuse in the name of religion to impose its faith. On the other side there are thousands of Christians and other minorities that are accepting to die in order to defend their faith that according to the first group is a “lie”. As a rule of thumb we know that the truth stands by itself. There is no need to impose something that in essence is true. When one has encountered with the truth one has the responsibility to propose it and make it accessible to others but there is no need to use violence or threatens to increase the truthfulness of it. Here we see a group imposing with violence and terror a faith and another group that is proposing and accepting the consequences of being faithful to its own faith. How many of us that live comfortably and freely would accept to die for something that we believe is true? What is behind those in Iraq and Syria willing to die defending something that according to ISIS (and perhaps many western liberals and free-thinkers) is a”lie”?

This blog was created to share real love stories and we believe this is one of the most beautiful love stories. We believe that what is behind and moving our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq to remain faithful to their beliefs is LOVE. No one with out love can accept to die for something whatever it is. No one without love can endure and accept the consequences of their decisions.  No one with out love can still have hope and peace regardless how dark and painful the future portrays.

There is another Spanish campaign launched by iMision and Aid to the Church in Need that wants to increase awareness about the current situation in Iraq and Syria on social networks. We are invited on December 28th to twit using the hastag #iNavidadIRak and speak on behalf of our assyrian brothers and sisters suffering.





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