Letter to my baby who has gone to heaven: You are worth it.

Photo: Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography (flickr)

My little sweet Angel, Ismael,

You have been like a smooth  breeze passing through our lives. I have been very fortunate to have you in my womb during the last 7 months, to suffer with you, to pray to God because I did not want to say you good-bye. I have been very fortunate to love you without worrying how you would be and to be with you knowing how painful would be your departure.

You were born on the feast of the Immaculate Conception and you were gone on the feast of Our Lady of Loretto. Now that you are neither inside me nor can I hold you in my arms, or kiss you again… the pain and emptiness in my heart is immense. However, I would pass through all of these again only to meet you, to love you, and to hope without any expectation… to rock you in my arms, to bathe your face with my tears.

You have been a blessing for us; you have taught us a lesson of love, simplicity, and humility. You have showed us how to fight for life and surrender everything. When I embrace you with my arms and you opened your little eyes to stare at me, you showed me that everything that we passed through was worth it. The pain that I feel right now is very deep but the love I have for you is even stronger. I feel that I am the most fortunate mother in the world because I have had a son like you.

How great but tiny you have been! You will always be in our hearts. My greatest comfort is to know that someday I will see you again and next time I will be with you forever. I love you my son, son of my soul. How fruitful your short life has been! I thank God for thinking of me and letting me carry this Angel in my womb. Pray for us my son, may we never lose the seal that you have imprinted in our hearts.


Your mother

About Ismael´s family

Alfonso and Susi are a married couple from Spain. When  Susi was pregnant with her baby Ismael, the doctors diagnosed him with a severe cardiophaty. He was not going to be able to survive. It was a painful moment for the family. They accepted God’s will and went all through with the pregnancy in spite of the pressure to abort him. Finally, Ismael was born on December 8th, he was baptized and two days later he passed away peacefully in his mother’s arms, close to her heart.


Translated by Forever 31


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