To my future wife


You do not know me yet. You are probably wondering why I am even writing to you. You may think that, because I am a man, I will not be able to convey my thoughts, my feelings, my love, in words. But do not underestimate me. There are many things you do not know about me, yet. There are many things I want you to learn and discover about me because some day I want to marry you.

As I was growing up, and I never admitted this at the time, but I had great respect for my mother and father. True, we argued and fought, and disagreed on many occasions. But I never lost my respect for them. My dad, though not perfect, treated my mother like a queen. He never belittled her. He never second-guessed her decisions. He stood behind her at all times. He loved her. His love was a perfect example for me, and my brothers and sisters, to follow.

Now, as I grow older and hopefully wiser, and as I approach my own turn at marriage, my thoughts turn to my dad’s model behavior. By being persistent, patient, and prayerful, he succeeded in being a loving husband to his wife and a loving father to his children. I hope to emulate my dad’s good example; I want to be as good a husband to you as my dad was to my mom.

I write this letter to you because I want to be your husband. I truly want to be your husband. I want to be a husband who will love you, cherish you, and make you always feel special. Husbands nowadays are often mocked, scorned, and ridiculed. Men are often perceived as worthless, egotistical, and selfish. I am none of those. I am a man, a human being, who desires your love and respect. I need those gifts of love and commitment, which only you can give. And I want to return the same to you.

Why should you want me as your husband? What will convince you that I am the one you should look for and eventually marry?

I will be the one who will recognize your goodness. I will be the one who will respect you and appreciate your high moral standards. I will be the one who will admire the way you respect yourself. I will be the one to hold your hand when you need affection. I will be the one to kiss your cheek when you feel lonely. I will be the one who will hold you when you need to feel secure. I will be the one who will comfort you in your sadness and share in your happiness. I will be the one who will be by your side as you bring our children into the world. I will be the one who will love you as if each day was our last together.

But why do I want to marry you? Why not the blonde who winked at me on the beach? Why not the brunette who called me every night? Why not the redhead who challenged my savvy and intelligence? Why not the skinny, long-legged model who catered to my every whim? Why not the cute, perky girl who seemed to have everything in common with me? Why you?

Well, future wife, let me explain. All those girls interested me. But you will not merely interest me. You will love me. And I will love you. Your soft touch will weaken me. Your eyes will enthrall me. Your beauty will mesmerize me. Your goodness will enamor me. Your virtues will captivate me. Your trust will engross me. Upon securing your trust, my heart, mind and soul will finally find peace and contentment.

I really will not ask for much. I will ask that you stand beside me through both the heartaches and the joys. I will ask that you welcome our children with open arms as our parents welcomed us. I will ask that you tell me when I am wrong and tell me when I am right. I will ask for your honesty and respect. In return you will receive uncompromising faith, fidelity and love.

What will draw me to you, more than anything else, however is your love of God. And your attempt to follow His will. Your continued faith and love for God, through the failures and the triumphs, through the laughter and the tears, will only increase my love for you. So, please continue to be patient and wait for me. We will soon meet and begin our life together. And with the grace of God, through faithful devotion and loving sacrifice, we will attain eternal happiness in Heaven.

After reading this short letter, future wife, you should now know me a little better. I hope you will be pleased. I hope you now understand why I wrote this for you – so you will see my heart. It beats for you. It will always beat for you.

Your future husband

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