Dance with God and He will allow the right person cut in

by Forever31

Even though it may sound a bit mushy and hopeless to those who are waiting for the right person with whom they can spend the rest of their lives together; actually to dance with God is something realistic and practical.

Nowadays it is very complicated to find and keep sincere and long lasting friendships. Honestly, finding true love sounds something impossible. But this happens because most of the time we focus mainly on trying to find that ideal person for us and we do not spend time knowing ourselves, learning who we really are, where we are going and what are our goals in this life. Without even knowing the basic steps, we attempt to jump into the dance floor to dance whatever melody is been played with the first person that shows up and brags to be a good dancer. When we are in the middle of the dance floor we push ourselves to dance a waltz in spite of the fact that actually rock n’roll or cha-cha is been played. Therefore, we end up feeling upset and frustrated.

Using a metaphoric and allegoric language, most of the time we pretend that our love relationships flow like if we were dancing waltz around the dance floor. However, in the real life we do not even know how to dance waltz, we do not care about learning how to dance it and we do not attend to places where we can find a good candidate to dance with. Regardless this reality, we cling on the idea to go out dancing and find the right dance partner. In a more direct language it happens that we pretend to find the ideal person without having any idea of who we really are, what is our mission in this life, where do we want to go. Thus, when we find a dance partner we do not have any idea of how to start dancing.

When one wants to find a dance partner, it is very important to find someone with whom one can connect and keep the tempo. In the same way when one is looking for a partner to share our lives, it is necessary to look for someone that we can connect with and keep the rhythm of life. To find this wonderful dance partner we have to go step by step. As it was mentioned above, self-knowledge is essential, and who can be better than God who has created us and know who we really are in order to help us to better understand ourselves. In this self-knowledge process, prayer plays a very important role. It is through this intimate dialogue with God that we can familiarize step by step with the melodies and we can start practicing our first dance steps. In other words, we start learning who we are, where we are going and what we need to do to reach our goals. Once we are familiarized with the melody it is impossible not to jump into the dance floor and practice the steps that we have already learned. Here is where prayer shall drag us to have an encounter with the One that has invited us to dance, the One that gives us certainty and the One that knows how to lead us through the dance floor.  We can have this wonderful encounter through the Eucharist that strengthen and renew our souls. Through this sacrament God reaffirms His love and pushes us to go outside to the peripheries to share this love with people  around us, this love has to lead us to search for the good of others and helps us to discern who can be good candidates with whom we can share the dance floor. As it is expected for many novice and experienced dancers, we might trip over, fall, step outside the dance floor and we might not be able to keep the tempo, but that is why exists the sacrament of confession. Confession gives us the grace and strength to return to the dance floor and keep dancing. During our dance with God we will be fulfilling our desires, we will strengthen our emotions and our souls,, we will learn how to dance and enjoy new melodies, and at the right moment there will be a collision in the dance floor. Indeed a very timely and coincidentally collision! God will allow this person that He specially created for us to cut in while you we dance with Him. In that precise moment the three of us will be ready to keep dancing.

Trust in God and never lose hope. Do not get desperate; He who created you will never leave you alone in the middle of the dance floor. In His perfect plan there is the right person for you and he will appear unexpectedly to join you in the dance floor.


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